Expert File Review Days

Smaller Workers’ Compensation Subrogation and Property Subrogation files involving defective products are often closed due to the expense of pursuing product manufacturers. Finding cost effective solutions to evaluate and pursue these claims has always been a priority for our firm. This goal has led SACKS WESTON DIAMOND, LLC to introduce our Expert File Review Days. Engineering experts from a leading national firm will visit our office on a recurring basis to triage small and medium size claims involving defective products. This will allow us to evaluate these claims at no cost to our clients.

Our first Expert File Review Day will be held on August 31st. We encourage clients to send over any files involving products or similar complicated engineering issues for a complimentary review and analysis. Types of files appropriate for review include minor amputations caused by industrial products, crush injuries from unguarded machinery, and falls from ladders, steps, scaffolds or other raised objects.

If you are unsure whether your claim is appropriate for review, you can reach out to the subrogation department director Jesse M. Cohen for further details.

As we continue to develop new ways to increase recoveries for our clients, remember that “your success is our success”.

Do not hesitate to call SWD Subrogation for a case evaluation at (215) 515-2006